Protect your staff, students, patients and customers.

MIG Medical Installations Ltd are now providing a UVC disinfection service to remove HAI’s (Healthcare Acquired Infections), including COVID-19, from internal environments.

Using revolutionary UVC technology, we can rapidly decontaminate your internal spaces to allow you to protect your staff, pupils, patients and customers.

Education | Healthcare & Ambulances | Bars & Restaurants | Public Spaces | Hotels | Care Homes | Public Transport | Offices | Gyms & Leisure

Bringing your business back to normal in 4 Simple Steps.


  1. The THOR UVC is wheeled in to a contaminated space.
  1. The technology then uses sensors to map the size of the space and its contents.
  1. The unit is programmed to the size of the space in terms of power and length of clean.
  1. A report of the clean is detected and sent via email to the facilities manager.

THOR UVC® Technology, Effective Against COVID-19

THOR UVC® has been tested for its effectiveness against COVID-19 by the Zaans medical centre in Holland. THOR UVC® was found to be ‘extremely effective‘ against the virus.

THOR UVC® performs room scans, mapping the treatment cycle, including hard-to-tackle spaces like cupboards and toilets, before emitting a required dosage of UVC into the space. The system then provides treatment reports, giving you a clear audit trail.

Why use UVC?


Manual cleaning

  • 50% Hospital surfaces untouched during  manual cleaning
  • Does not address bacterial resistance
  • Approximate room downtime: 2 Hours
Hydrogen peroxide vapour

  • Time consuming, requires deep clean beforehand and requires rooms to be offline to air out post decontamination
  • Approximate room downtime: 5 Hours

Supporting Documents

Due to high demand, we are currently only offering this service in the North West of England.

To enquire, please contact us: (0)161 241 7979 or

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