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MIG test the adequacy of Piped Oxygen Systems in line with Govt Guidelines relating to COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

A number of NHS Trusts asked MIG to evaluate the adequacy of the Piped Oxygen Systems in line within Government Guide Lines relating to COVID– 19 (Coronavirus). Having completed testing on several Hospitals which included discussions with specialist Chest Consultants it became immediately apparent that CPAP will come into play on patients that have passed into the critical stage of the disease. We discussed in detail the flows and we were advised from several sources that CPAP demand is far more excessive at each Terminal unit in designated areas including the possible 10 L/m for less critical patients.

We are now in a position to offer the following service to all trusts:

  • Testing of hospital designated patient Coronavirus areas to determine the suitability relating to Oxygen Flows
  • Flow tests in the designated areas, measuring static pressures before and during the test and introducing flows to the calculated amount
  • Comprehensive reporting of the test results with detailed recommendations

The results we have to date clearly indicate that some of the designated areas will not support the required flow should CPAP be a requirement. In these cases we have provided the solution to allow the designated area to be used.

Contact us now if you require this service.