About MIG

Our Strength

Is Our People

Based in Manchester but operating worldwide, our mission is to offer advanced operating theatre and healthcare solutions without compromising on quality.

With over 40 years experience, our team of technical engineers are fully accredited to deliver exceptional healthcare and gas pipeline solutions across the NHS and private health sectors, specialising in facilities or laboratories that require a high level of technical co-ordination.

We combine specialist gas pipeline systems, medical construction skills, and project management to design a flexible solution according to your budget and timescale, minimising disruption to your schedule.

The result is you will benefit from our extensive knowledge, experience and design to achieve a first class product and service with total attention and commitment to your needs. Client satisfaction is top priority and we are eager to approach complex projects, regardless of the size and scale.

Our Strength

MIG was formed in 2010 to bring together some of the most experienced names in medical installation. Our people give you unparalleled expertise under one roof. The MIG team has extensive experience in delivering high quality, cost effective solutions using specialist construction skills, project management and co-ordination ability

From the UK to the Middle East and beyond, MIG are a truly international company, many of our engineers have over 30 years experience working on over 600 operating theatre projects worldwide.

The total package approach ensures uniformity of standards and finishes, enabling speed of construction and coordinated engineering service installation, with the consequential savings to the client in both time and money. Architectural and engineering services installations are coordinated and carried out by suitably qualified MIG staff.

In circumstances where other contractors require services within our area, MIG is able to provide full co-ordination and installation monitoring of such works. The end result is a first class product and total commitment to the clients needs.

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