The aesthetics, durability and efficiency of a build can all be optimised depending on the quality and suitability of cladding. For both internal application and external facades, the material used will determine the look and feel of the building, but also its longevity and resilience against the elements.

By choosing an innovative, futureproofing cladding provider, you can save on energy and costs simultaneously, all while creating the perfect environment for your bespoke construction requirements.

Cosentino’s Dekton solution has revolutionised the cladding space both inside and out. Dekton is a product of decoded natural stone, upgrading it via technology to create a Technical Ultracompact Stone. It is made of a mix of 20 natural minerals, enhancing the bonding process while also making it flexible to whatever style, thickness, colour, texture or application is needed.

MIG Facades’ partnership with Cosentino gives customers access to the most innovative facade and cladding solution on the market, as part of our wider facade, insulation and cladding offering.

The benefits of Dekton: cost, energy, aesthetics and maintenance

Dekton has become hugely popular due to its versatility of application. However, the advantages of the solution remain consistent regardless of its use.

Its durability is a key selling point, as it is resistant to many of the elements that traditionally cause maintenance issues further down the line. Dekton is abrasion, scratch and impact resistant, providing a sense of comfort to those within.

It also stands firm against the elements, which has huge implications on energy use and cost. It is water and stain resistant, and also remains strong against extreme temperatures and UV. The combination contributes to improved airflow and better retention of heat which results in a more efficient and sustainable building.

Sustainability is also achieved through Cosentino’s ‘cradle-to-grave’ guarantee, where 100% of CO2 emissions from the product’s entire lifecycle are offset, making it the only completely carbon neutral surface on the market.

Innovative bonding for multiple uses

Dekton’s versatility offers a further market advantage. It is available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, colours and textures to achieve any desired aesthetic. Its range of application is also unrivalled in the sector.

Internal applications go beyond furniture and surfaces, to also optimise internal walls and flooring, where energy savings are most pronounced and its high impact resilience is most welcome.

The high density of the material also helps to absorb external noise across both internal cladding and the external facade. It also comes with extremely low risk of detachment, making it ideal for use in directly adhered facades.

The technology involved to achieve this advantage includes mixing more than 20 minerals with exclusive Sinterised Particle (TSP) Technology ensuring they bond with each other to create a solid, resistant and malleable material.

World-class installation of a groundbreaking solution

Dekton is unlike any other solution on the market, due to its unique sinterisation, compaction and drying process.

MIG’s role as a partner and installer is to ensure the right application of the product, for each unique construction project. Externally, it can be installed as either a ventilated or rainscreen clad facade and we have vast experience of installing both, to deliver the specific benefits of each.

The height, purpose, location and required look of the building all contribute to a decision about how best to clad and protect its facade. Unrivalled flexibility, durability and sustainability are guaranteed, regardless of Dekton’s application.

For further information on how MIG Facades can enhance the lifecycle of your building, inside and out with Dekton by Cosentino, please get in touch for further information.

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